Polka Dot Nails for Spring


images via here, here and here

on sunday nights i have a quiet weekly ritual of pampering my nails and watching episodes of Suits on Netflix (oh! I love that show!). let's put it this way, i love really sundays! i would like to think that i'm someone who tries to have nice nails. although it may not ever look like that, i do try. low and behold without fail the day after i paint them i always manage to seriously chip one nail. i'm talking like a good whole half of one nail of polish is removed. urg. I'm learning just to accept it.  recently i stumbled across a picture of  polka dot nails for spring and i don't believe it can get any cuter. think pastel colours and clean white dots. Essie has a whole selection of beautiful spring time colours that i suggest you check out. after trying a few different methods, including what is referred to as the band-aid stencil method (i do not recommend this one), i have come to learn that the best way to to achieve this adorable look is with the end of a bobby pin or toothpick. play around with it when you do it. try creating larger and smaller dots, or clusters of dots near the tips. it's a fun look for spring that i highly recommend trying.


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