Decorating with Little Green Friends


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lately i've been excited to bring little green friends into our home. little green friends who help clean the air and bring a little life to some bare spaces. i haven't always had good luck with little green friends, but i'm hoping we can reconnect. after countless hours of reading online about easy to care for indoor plants, i finally think we are ready for a second go. surprisingly, my little black thumb, cannot kill an orchid. there is just something about orchids that do so, so, so well with me. always blooming, content, always looking so purdy. knock on wood now that i haven't jinxed it now.  

plants can add a lot of character to a room in a way that architecture can't. try placing oversized plants in impractical places, hang tiny plants vertically as an accent on a wall, or grow an upside down herb garden in your kitchen windows using varying hanging planters. start thinking outside the box when it comes to adding vegetation to your home. if my bathroom had a window, let me tell you i would surely be shoving a fern in the shower to sing along side me each morning. plants want to live creatively too.

yesterday my newly bought first ever hanging pot arrived on my door step from this lovely shop, made by a lovely lady named Monique Cote. i highly suggest you check her work out. it's an early birthday present to myself and a fresh start at welcoming plants into our home.

so, to you dear succulents, lemon tree seedlings and ferns recently purchased. please bare with me. i promise to be good as good to you as  i can. to share you with the sunlight and to keep you fresh and happy! now please don't die.


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