Book Club - January


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I loved this book. if you know me well, you know that I love a good true story. like when you go to the movies and it says "based on a true story" i'm all over that. this read, while true, was also hugely eye opening and insanely terrifying. I could not put this book down once I got going. I found that during some sections I started to question my own memory and logic. did anyone else do that? did you sit and say, "wait, maybe I saw something one time that wasn't really what I thought it was … ", shiver. the whole book was such a profound message of personal determination. while I do have to admit, she was incredibly lucky and had more privileges to medical services and cost covering than many, she really went to the VERY bottom and back. as I was reading I felt in it, in the story,  there, watching and feeling. my jaw literally dropped a number of times. all I wanted to do was learn more and find out what happens next. and the clock test. OH the clock test! it is unreal to think what might have been for her without that.
for as clinical and somewhat complex that a few sections of this book are, it is so well written that I felt I was left with a very clear understanding of exactly what things meant after her laymens terms descriptions. a few times I would find myself reading and then flip over to google to look up more information on where the researchers are at today, or look for visuals just out of my own curiosity and fascination. 

overall I felt such a connection to this incredible story and I highly, highly recommend this read. I really hope you all enjoyed it. i can't wait to hear what everyone else thinks!

The FEBRUARY book is A House In The Sky 


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