The 12 Cocktails of Christmas


like me, i am sure that many of you are currently in the throws of bouncing between busy holiday parties and/or holiday hosting planning lists. well, to help make things easier, here are 12 fantastic Christmas cocktails to get everyone in the festive spirit, or at take the edge off any busy running around. heck, you could even taste test one a day until Christmas if you so desire! enjoy and happy holidays!

(from top left to bottom right)

                          1// Champagne Velvet                        2//Apple & Ginger Burbon
                          3// Spiced Eggnog                                4// Burnt Karamel
                          5// Simpleton                                         6// Triple Berry Moijtos
                          7// White Mulled Wine                       8// Candy Cane Cocktail
                          9// Cranberry Champagne Fizz     10// Boozy Hot Chocolate     
                        11// Baileys Chai Swizzle                    12// Calvados Maple Cocktail


Anonymous said...

Now this.... this is my kind of post! Yum!

Laura Hyde said...

So glad you like it! I have to say each one is so very tasty, but i think out of them all the Candy Cane Cocktail is my fav this year! I see this list becoming an updated yearly ritual!

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