Renovations: Let's Bench It


please don't judge me by this horribly fast slapped together photoshop job of our master bedroom, but i wanted to share with you what we are hoping to do. now that the major reno's in this room are completed, we are well into the fun decorating phase. always my favourite phase, of course. much of the furniture we currently have (outside of the bed frame and mattress) are borrowed from our lovely family until we find pieces that best fit our needs. in this awkward adaption you will see that we are on the hunt for a vintage looking rug, wooden side tables, wall mounted lamps, light coloured curtains and .... the debate of all debates - a bench/benches.

in short, we know we want to add either two small stools or one longer bench at the end of the bed, but we just can't seem to decide what is better. we love the idea of having a place to sit and put our socks or tights on, and a location to house all the decorator pillows before bed (off the floor). as always we want to find something that is multifunctional, since we are all about investing in timeless pieces that we can use and reuse in a variety of ways in years to come. something classic and simple that will create a nice visual accent to the room. that can't possibly be that hard to find right? well now the hunt is on... and i'm open to any and all suggestions that you readers have. what option do you think would fit our space best? does anyone have either and do you find you use it?
since i haven't yet shared any before and afters of our master bedroom, here are a few photo's from the walk through before we bought it, up until where we are current at (minus the dresser).
to help understand where we have come from to where we are, here is a bit of a breakdown. the upstairs in our home was fully carpeted so we jumped at the opportunity to replace it with this beautiful maple hardwood before moving in, which matches what we already have downstairs. in the midst of pulling up rolls of old carpet,  we had this genius idea to remove all the stucco (otherwise known as the evil popcorn finish) off the ceilings. scraping off stucco creates a HUGE mess. so much of a mess that you wouldn't dream of tackling this after you move all your stuff in without the help of a professional. so, hence why we jumped to try our hand at this DIY project before the floors went in. techniques on how to remove stucco is a whole other dedicated post that i will happily share in the future, but as a starting point invest in a good dusk mask.

once all that demo needed was done in the room, walk-in closet and ensuite (see our ensuite before and after here), we then got the ceiling painted and moved on to picking out a wall colour. we knew we wanted something dramatic. something that wasn't overly masculine or overly feminine, but a colour that would create a cozy and modern feeling. after days of hunting out paint swatches we finally landed on this very dark purple from Benjamin Moore. i think at the time our family literally thought we were crazy, and i will admit i had  my fair share of "crap what did we do" moments as we were applying the paint, but the truth is i really love this aubergine colour. it is rich in the winter,  cool in the summer and it has undoubtedly created a cave like sanctuary that we love going to at the end of a long day.

at the time that we moved, we also bought a bed together and decided to go for a king size. i was positive it wouldn't fit (and was WAY too big) but my better half was determined that it was now or never, and that we 100% could make it work. as nervous as i was on when it got delivered it fit perfectly, with a surprising amount of room to spare for night tables on either side. 

now that the fundamentals are in place we are trying save up (yup, i said save up because let's be realistic these things take time and you gotta hunt for the right deal), for a dresser and night tables. we saw some beautiful ones like this Post and Rail rustic style at Urban Barn that you can check out here. but while we have all that in mind, we are still on the endless search (and decision) for the best bench/stool or something at the end of the bed, and a few other timeless design elements that will help bring this whole room together. a renovator's work is never done, am i right?

** I will post more before and after photo's once the whole room is done**


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