It has been a long time want of mine to redesign the oomph site into something a little more sleek and elegant. while i loved the old design, it felt time for a transformation into something a little newer, more modern, and one that better reflects me as a person and my sense of style at this stage in my life. when i started this blog it was to create a space online for where i could house my creative projects and ideas. from those beginnings i've come to discover within myself a deep seated love for cooking, cocktails and creating in the kitchen (which you the readers also seem to love). with now owning my first home, i've been eager to share my ups and downs of home renovations, including mood boards and helpful hints to help. skincare and beauty products have always been on my mind, but now more than ever i'm taking time to test out new finds. lastly, party planning and creative design have been not only part of my my professional career but in many cases what has always inspired and challenged me to live a more creative life.
    this redesign, thanks to the helpful lady behind Blog Milk, now allows for a cleaner, brighter space to really focus on sharing bigger and bolder images of everything that i love. It creates a better flow to the content within the post, while  de-cluttering the surrounding space.  I am also excited to now have the ability to open up access to anyone interested in collaborating or sponsoring. working with others who are truly passionate about their brands has always a goal of mine ever since i started. working together to showcase new products and ideas in a creative space with others who can appreciate good talent. This new site will better allow for that visibility and focus. 
      I have no doubt that in a few years time i'll surely want to redesign again, but change is good right? change keeps us learning, growing and expanding. i hope you all will come to love this design as much as I do, and i want to thank everyone who has offered nothing but positive and constructive feedback over the last two years! cheers for what is next to come.


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