Easy Last Minute Costume Ideas


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if you haven't figured out a halloween costume yet and you know you might need one, why not try one of these very simple ideas. any of the ones you see here will get you in the trick or treat spirit, or ready for some last minute halloween shindig plans.

1// Little Red  - get a bit of red fabric at your local store (or use an old red sheet if you have) and attach two strings to create the draped look of a cape with hood, then throw on a red outfit, red lips and add a basket
2// Holly Golightly - using any sleep mask you can find, paint it a bright blue, then throw on a man's white dress shirt and some slippers
3// Rosie the Riveter - for this one all you need is a bright scarf or bandana for your hair and a simple jean shirt – oh and maybe some muscle
4// The Bat - using garbage bag cut out the size and shape of your desired bat wings, next staple them to an old black shirt. make some simple pointy ears out of black paper and hot glue them to a headband
5// Angry Cat - this one is likely the easiest of them all since it's just make-up. replicate this look above and to go the extra mile by throwing on a white turtle neck


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