Six Little Things


... that you didn't know about me...
1// in grade 7 i was part of an international education exchange to Japan. i lived in Sagamihara with a lovely family. while i was there they really wanted me to have a traditional Japanese experience, so i slept on a rice mat on the floor of their special prayer room for my entire stay.

2// i will always pick smarties over M&M's. i don't care what you tell me, or how you try and convince me otherwise, the smarties chocolate IS just better!

3// i am a beauty product junkie. i openly admit this fact after years of serious denial. i LOVE products. i have to try it, feel it, test it out and then tell everyone about new finds that i love. this is partly the reason why my husband proposed to me with a TopBox (more on there here).

4// i speak a language that i like to call "Finglish" (english mixed with finnish). my mother immigrated from Finland with her parents to Canada when she was pretty young, and since my dad is Canadian and speaks about two words of Finnish, we developed a blended form of the language to speak with my grandparents. i did also go to Finnish language school for a few years.

5// i have one time in my life miraculously managed to melt a metal pot onto a stove top element ... and I'm still cooking. 

6// i used to work part-time in a costume shop in University and almost became a costume designer. i love all the historic research and study that you never knew about costume design and what it takes to bring the concept of a character to life through excellent designs. .


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