Honeymoon Part 3: Monaco


Now we are off to Monaco... If you've just started following you can check out part 1 and part 2 of our honeymoon trip. The purpose of hitting up Monaco on our trip was not just for luxury sun, fancy  and sand, but so we could enjoy one of the world's most popular races, the Monaco Grand Prix. Monaco is hands down a playground for the uber wealthy. Real estate is probably some of the most expensive this world has to offer and if you don't have a boat or  clothing that looks like it's been dipped in gold you might feel like you don't fit in. True natives to this country are few and far between, but they are there if you look hard enough. It is a stunningly beautiful place and if it was good enough for Grace Kelly, it is more than good enough for me. If you already read our honeymoon part 2 then you know we definitely couldn't afford to stay in Monaco, but we sure as heck made sure we made it for race day.
 My man is a die hard Ferrari fan, so as you can see we got ourselves some styling hats to show our team support ( i won't lie that i often cheer for whoever looks like they might win! yes i jump bandwagons!) We managed to score some super close seats so the rush as the cars passed and the noise level is more intense than words can describe. Thankfully i found those very fashion forward ear muffs you can see me sporting.
After a very long but beautiful race day by the water, we were preeeeeetty sun burnt, exhausted and ready to head back to our quiet and restful B & B oasis in La Turbie. While my husband would tell you the highlight was the race (and I won't lie having never seen an F1 race aside from on TV  it was pretty awesome), the highlight of this day for me might have just been seeing Ron Howard up close and personal chatting about his new movie Rush.


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