Good things come in small packages...


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have you seen this yet? it's called Projecteo and i'm completely obssessd with it because it's just so dang cute. heck, anything mini size just seems to get me.  basically it's the worlds smallest projector designed specifically to showcase your instagram pics in a unique way. that means, no more saving them to your desktop to think about printing later, or making grand plans to craft some online photobooks, or creating DIY instagram magnets. now you can take your beautiful pictures and make your own miniature 35mm slide film wheels to showcase your snaps. so how does it work?  you start by accessing your instagram account, then pick nine pictures which you upload to Projecteo. once received they are  develop onto a tiny 35mm slide film (very much like one of these, does anyone remember those???). the only other thing you need to do is buy your projector for $25.99, but once you have it you can make as many wheels ($8.99 a wheel) as you want. like i said, i am already all over this idea. i mean, you can just throw it in your pocket and off you go! perhaps this could even open up an innovative way to showcase your brand in a pitch meeting, or a memorable method of presenting quick images of an online portfolio to a possible client. the options really could be endless. apparently the saying is true, good things really do come in small packages (said this short little blogger).


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