Pimp Ma Pencils


the sweet smell of fall is hitting the air and that immediately makes me crave back to school supplies and an ever fresh Starbucks Pumpkin Latte. sure i'm not in school anymore (and haven't been for a while), but that doesn't stop me. i love me some fresh new pencils and pens ... and clean white paper, and sketch pads, and erasers, and colourful pens – ok, you get the point. there is no reason why in the fall we can't still grab some new office supplies and reorganize our desk spaces.  here is a fun and fast DIY to jazz up your pencils and get yourself or your family ready for the next big project or school.
1. start by collecting all the necessary supplies: pencil(s), paint brush, paint and self-adhesive reinforcements or tape 2. place the reinforcement stickers in a random pattern on your pencil and ensure you press well so they stick  3. grab your brush and colour and paint in the centre of the circle. you will likely notice that it will take about three coats to create a nice opaque colour 4. once the colour has dried slowly peel back the reinforcements and clean off any excess adhesive from the sticker 5. sharpen that bad boy and enjoy!
helpful hint - if you want to paint stripes or lines lightly sand that section pencil first


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