One Special Day


close to two months ago I married my husband. he will likely hate that I am posting pictures of him, but he is just so dang cute in a tux that I can't help it. we got engaged on december 22, 2011, and for the better part of a year and a half we took our time to enjoy wedding planning (and you can enjoy it, no matter what anyone will tell you). for those of you who follow me on twitter, instagram and/or know me, you know that i'm a natural born planner. i even make a plan to make plans. as part of my 9-5 job i'm also in charge of event planning , so lists and visual planning boards are very much "my thang". in the wedding industry there is everything you could ever want and more, oh and everything you don't even need that they try and to sell you on. if you are in the midst of planning the best advice I can share is that it's extremely key that you set yourself some guidelines – from day one. for us we agreed early on that each would get to pick one key element that we each felt most important and then ensure that we didn't cut back when it came to those two items. next i created a visual board to help me pull together all my mashed ideas and shape them into one wedding day visual with a colour palette. i have to say as much as it might have seemed nerdy, this little board saved my butt in so many wedding meetings. the  industry is full of visual people so it was much easier to bring out a picture of what you want and what colour you want it to ensure you get the best results. not everyone can read your mind. it still feels crazy to look back on this day and see how much work came together so perfectly – all the planning, appointments and late night diy projects (invites, menu's decorations, etc). now we get to relish all the little things that flew by in a blink of an eye. we also just got our pictures from the very talented jamieson dean and all i can say is they. are. dreamy. (this was my one key thing).
~ this is my favourite  ~


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