In our garden


now that the wedding is done it's time to focus on the house. we are quickly coming up to a one whole year of living in this house on a hill, and there is still a lot of work to be done. now in fairness i asked that we throw our attentions away from house plans and into wedding a few months back to make sure we had all our "to do's" done extremely early (best advice i can give to a bride). close to a year ago, when we bought our new place, we were fortunate to find that the backyard was completely naked of any landscaping – just a flat plot of grass.  this summer we plan to spend a lot of our free time leveling it out evenly, designing plans for a raised vegetable gardens, hanging flower pots, refreshing some outdoor furniture for a dining space and growing a lemon tree. i have always wanted a garden we can cook from, and I won't deny that I also crave that proud feeling of knowing that i didn't kill accidentally kill yet another house plant. 

Since we both like to cook (and cook from scratch) we often use a mix of herbs.  last weekend we visited our local garden centre and picked up some herb plants for our terracotta and deck baskets so we can have fresh ones to cook with and even dry for winter.  Much like weeds they are already starting to spread and thicken out. The lettuce is almost ready to start harvesting and so is the mint for mojito's! now to dust off some recipe books and get crackin' on some new innovative dishes and plan some dinner parties.
Does anyone have any gardening tips you’d like to share?


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