Snow and Six Other Things


 After a seriously (thank heaven for wool socks and warm fires... brrrrrr) cold winter week that just past, we are finally able to enjoy a snow storm! The city and suburbs are so pretty when they are covered all in white. Everything around just seems so peaceful – and yes, I do drive in the snow so I know it's not always "peaceful". For as much as I adore the soft fluffy white stuff, and I do like love winter,  I must admit it has been a hard and grey one for the most part this year. Making it even harder to, get up, get moving, and get my butt to the office most days. So, when it's this yucky, gross, sloppy and grey out, that can only mean six things to help get me through the season 1) hearts on mugs and David's "Forever Nuts" tea 2) keep up the vitamins, and I do so with these gummies totally made for adults! 3) my very favourite pokadot rubber boots (thanks to the Mr. this Christmas) 4) Markers and pens for meetings in all colours 5) colourful hats with pom poms 6) jelly beans.  
What helps you with your winter blues?


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