Movember Madness


It's officially that time of year once again when the moustaches come out to shine. It's Movember Madness everyone! For anyone who doesn't already know about this rapidly growing event,   it's a time that most men get a little excited about not shaving (and no, it's not playoff hockey related ... not this year anyways...) and allow their inner macho ego to step out while raising funds for men's health issues, specifically prostate cancer research. If you are anyone who knows me and knows me well, you'll already know I love the moustaches. I think they are absolutely hilarious and should be admired on the best of occasionsI mean check out my 30th birthday shindig for example. 

To all the non-stache growers out there reading this, let's get ready to show our own support and encourage participation this November. Inspire guys to get involved! Help everyone globally raise not only awareness but funds in an effort to fight nasty cancer. For Mo Sistas, get into it by sporting your own little stache in the form of a key chain, necklace, ring, or even temporary tattoo. There are some great finds on Etsy for items like that. Heck, throw a fundrasing stache party with staches on sticks. Regardless of how you do it, it's a good time to do something that shows we care about our guys and these growing issues that affect them. 

So, to all the men out there ... let the games begin.  


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