A Watermelon Keg


Full photo credit and idea comes from: http://prudentbaby.com/2012/06/entertaining-food/how-to-make-a-watermelon-keg-and-agua-fresca-too/
Sometimes you come across an idea that makes you literally fall off your chair, and this one is one of them. The second I saw this concept I had to share it, and immediately started to pen down other large fruits, and even some vegetables, to try. The possibilities appear to be endless. With that being said, full credit for this entire post goes to the lovely ladies of the Prudent Baby blog. Even the photos used are entirely theirs (I just added my own captions on top). With the Canada Day long weekend approaching most why not plan a little backyard party just to test out and throw this delicious idea into the mix. Wow your guests and play around with different drink mixes that work with the watermelon flavour. It even makes an interesting party table decor should you need to bring the good times indoors for any reason. For a full step-by-step how-to of this project visit the Prudent Baby Watermelon Keg post. If anyone does try this, please post a comment or share a photo!


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