DiY: Needles & threads


With Mother's Day just around the corner here is a simple DIY card project for anyone looking for a creative and quick idea. This is actually something I've been meaning to try since I recently was cleaning up shop and noticed an abundance of brightly coloured embroidery thread from a multitude of years gone by. 

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To get started all you need is a pencil, colourful thread, needle, sissors, cardboard or cardstock and extra items like buttons, markers etc. (depending on your design idea). Then start out by sketching an outline of your design on the paper. I recommend using either cardboard or cardstock as it will be heavy enough not to rip when sewing. To help with the stitching aspect, take your needle and poke holes in the outline of your design to act as an easy-to-follow guide.

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Then thread an embroidery needle and get going! Be sure to either tape the end of the thread, to mark the starting point, or make a good solid knot that won't fit through the hole of your first stitch. It is helpful if you know a few basic embroidery stitches to help speed things along, so for further information on some techniques, click here. Buttons can be added/layered on to give extra decoration, or even sewn around to create the look of flowers. Try stitching letters, or even simple repetitive patterns and shapes on their own. Once you have the design how you like it, then just sign the inside and pass lovingly to Mom's. 

Here is a little music to enjoy while you work on this project.


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