Engagement Postcards!


Signed, sealed and delivered! Our engagement party postcards are officially out the door! Now we look forward to this little family meet and greet summer celebration shindig.

When it came to deciding on what we wanted to do for the invite, we both knew we wanted to make something ourselves and inject it with personality. So, from that we decided on the idea of a DIY postcard and thought with a photo on the front it makes a nice keepsake for family. In doing a postcard format we also really liked that we could then handwrite each one to give them a more personal touch. It’s an easy item to create (but ensure you check with the post office for weight requirements and post marking areas before printing) and saves on the cost of envelops. After scratching through a bunch of layouts and ideas, here is what we created! We are so thrilled with how they turned out (and not to mention we got some great engagement shots from it as well which I will post at a later date) we would highly recommend this option for any event. However, once we got going we couldn’t have pulled this project off so successfully without the help of some very lovely friends. Shout outs to: Shelley Tavares (amazing photo taking and photoshop teachings) Chris Johnstone (support and design tech skills) and Giovanni Rimasti Illustrations (assistance with layout construction and good cheap printer contacts). After finally sending these beautiful postcards out, I find I just can't wait to marry my bestfriend.

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