Pineapple Flowers


Want an easy to manage kitchen project that will wow your guests? These pineapple flowers may just be the thing to do it! When I first made these myself, I thought how much they really looked like real tropical flowers when I was done.Who could have thought dried fruit could look so pretty. It is super simple, basically all you have to do is slice the pineapple very thin and bake it until it drys out!

Photo Credit: Oomphlove
Start by taking a super sharp knife and slice off the top and sides of the pineapple.
Then with a small spoon or paring knife cut out any pits left on the sides of the pineapple creating the appearance of small holes on the body of the fruit. Then slice the pineapple as thinly as you can possibly get it (almost translucent looking) and lay the slices on a cookie sheet.

Photo Credit:; Oomphlove
Bake them at 200 degress for about 30-45 mins on each side, allowing them to slowly dry out, but just be careful to watch for any burning. Once they have dried out and browned slighly remove from the cookie sheet and place into cupcake pans to help form the flower shape. If you don't have cup cake pans, I have also found that egg containers work really well. I suggest leaving them in there for a few hours, or better yet overnight if you can on the counter. As an extra final step, mix food colour with water and brush the edges of the pineapple flowers to give it some extra colour. Then once you are happy with the shape and colour decorate your cakes cupcakes and/or any other dishes!


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