Mexican Moustache Fiesta: Hello 30's


Now that March has arrived the offical countdown to my 30's is on and what better way to kick off this new age, then to throw a Dirty 30 Mexican Fiesta & Moustache party! It was a killer hilarious evening with great friends, mini-sombrero's, spicy salsa, guacamole, homemade sangria, mini-cupcakes, pina colada's, moustaches and more. A memorable and fantastic way to get pumped for this new age. I was also able to check off one to do item from the Napkin List (section of the blog). Check out the hilarious party pictures below and throw yourself your own mexican or moustache party!


What a great night! It's funny, but lately people ask me if i'm worried to leave my 20's, but the truth is, I actually think that's such a silly question. Getting older doesn't scare me, the idea of not living each day to the fullest does. Instead I choose to focus on continuing to learn more about myself, understanding how to stay young at heart, learning how to be a better person, checking more items of my bucket list, travelling the world and always surrounding myself with great friends and good laughs. I think my 30's will be a great time and I can't wait to see what else is coming. Thanks to everyone for coming out that night! xoxo.


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