Farmers' Market


Sunny Sunday afternoons should often be spent outdoors exploring new things in the city.  

Today, I ventured to a local farmers' market for some fantastic locally grown food and flowers.

Although the summer is leaving us, the best pick-up-and-go treat at anytime of year is always flowers. No matter if you have had the worst day, some cheap and colourful flowers thrown into a vase will always (or often) make you feel better.

I am forever grateful to my Nana for spending countless 
summer days trying to educate me on all the names of each floral   
variety (although I wish I could remember them all!). While there are 
SO many to choose from, I will always love peonies and hydrangeas best. 
They have such great shape and last a really long time. 

Sit back this Sunday, grab and book, have a cup of tea and 
enjoy some flowers!


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